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Getting Car Seats for the Grandkids

It can be confusing for grandparents to keep up with the car seats required to take the grand kids in their cars, particularly if they didn't raise their children in an age where car seats where compulsory. Here are some of the common questions grandparents have about car seats answered.

How long do I have to have the kids in a car seat?

Babies should be in a rear facing car seat until 6 months, then a forward facing car seat until 4 years. After that, they need to be in a booster seat until 7. Additionally, each car seat comes with weight and height guidelines which can mean it's best to keep the child in their current car seat position for longer than this. Penalties vary between states, but all states have penalties for the driver if found transporting children without car seats.

If you find the upfront cost hard to manage, you can also look at renting car seats from baby hire services.

How do I fit multiple car seats in the car?

It can be challenging to fit multiple car seats in the back of a small car. It can be worth contacting a specialist car fitting service and asking for some ideas on the slimmest car seats available in your local area. They can also show you the best way to install the seats.

How do I know if the car seat is installed properly?

There are some useful services that can help install your car seat safely. If you are going to be changing out the seats, for example if you need to fit different seats for different grandchildren on different days, it can be useful to to take notes or a video on your smartphone so you have a reference point next time you are changing the seats.

What do I do if my grand kid doesn't like the car seat?

While some kids may be initially fiddly in a car seat, most enjoy the fact that the extra height gives them a better view out of the window! As children ride in car seats all the time these days, they quickly get used to the sensation.

You can try giving your grand kids some toys or a book to distract them as well. Be careful with handing them snacks to eat in the car, as you have limited visibility of the kids while driving.

Ensuring you have safe car lets you spend more time with your grandkids, and helps keep them safe. For more information on car seat fittings, contact a company like Baby Barn Discounts.